Anja Ringgren Lovén grew up in Frederikshavn, Denmark where she was a store manager until 2011. After a trip to Africa where she saw extreme poverty and the heartbreaking fate of witch children, her traditional and safe life in Denmark stopped. 

Anja made a choice. She wanted to dedicate her life and work to combat the conditions that children in Africa live under. She chose to fight, and still fights, for a cause that takes up almost all the room in her heart, which is why she has taken such a nontraditional path in life - something she never regretted.

In 2012, Anja founded her own aid agency, DINNødhjælp. An organization that has helped countless African children who were far from ever experiencing a worthy life.



The Danish Anja Ringgren Lovén is the founder of the non-profit organization DINNødhjælp.

DINNødhjælp allows Anja and her team to take care of the exposed witch children in Africa. Witch children is the term used for children who have been accused of witchcraft by the superstition prevailing in Africa as a result of very low or no education. The citizens and priests label the children as witches if, for example, the family experiences death, illness, crop failure, dismissals or infertility. The child gets the blame and is then punished accordingly - tortured or, at worst, sentenced to death.

Through DINNødhjælp, Anja has created a home for the children who were strongly missing a sense of security. Here they get care, a roof over their heads, food and education.

Anja also tries to educate the people of Africa so they can see through the superstition and understand their own rights - as condemnation of witchcraft is illegal.

DINNødhjælp is a non-profit organization and is therefore driven by the support of citizens and companies. All contributions go to the cause of DINNødhjælp - care, aid and education for witch children.


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