Here you will find Anja Ringgren Lovén's talk. She focuses on the exposed witch children in Africa as well as the lives of her and the children. 


Anja Ringgren Lovén chose to follow her dreams and listen to her heart and stake everything on one single cause: exposed witch children in Africa.

Anja is a North Jutland woman who let go of the regular income, material goods and safe environment in Denmark so she could spend every day helping the witch children in Africa. Today she has an established aid agency called DINNødhjælp. She lives and works in Nigeria to always be near the orphanage she runs.

In this talk, Anja offers her audience insights into superstition in Nigeria, her life at the orphanage and how to make decisions based on strong emotions. She will inspire you to take nontraditional paths and to do what you are the best at - personally and professionally. 


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